gratitude list

In Al-Anon, when people are really struggling under the burden of the stressors in their lives, they are encouraged to compile a gratitude list in which they enumerate the many things and people in their lives for which they are grateful, but don’t often stop to remember. Being a person who naturally wakes up and falls asleep counting her blessings every day, there was never a need for this assignment to be given to me, but I saw the difference it made for others.

In that same vein, I think it does others good when we catalogue our gratitudes and they see how many of our blessings come directly from them. Scout blesses me every single day with her love, in big and small ways. I think I do a pretty good job of expressing my gratitude, but there’s always room for improvement.

Scout, thank you, my sweet wife, for:

1. Moving over 1,700 miles from your beautiful Oregon home of 24 years to live with me in this dry, brown, desert.

2. Marrying me and making a conscious decision to put up with all my quirks and -isms every day of your life until death do us part.

3. Making the decision to completely change your lifestyle after 47 years without children by becoming a stepmother to my boys, despite knowing that it would be a huge adjustment and challenge for all of us.

4. Planting our garden with me, flower by flower, seed by seed, and brick by brick and still finding the energy to massage my back at the end of our backbreaking day.

5. Doing the lion’s share of the grocery shopping and errand-running required to keep our happy household whirring along smoothly.

6. Sacrificing your career, for now, in order to have more flexibility and spend more time with me.

7. Sacrificing greater financial wealth in order to spend more time nurturing our sweet, beautiful marriage and family.

8. Keeping a pitcher of green tea made for me all the time and bringing me a fresh glass every morning.

9. Rubbing my neck and shoulders tirelessly.

10. Packing my lunch and sending me nutritious and tasty snacks and meals several times a week.

11. Kissing my back when you wake up in the night and whispering that you love me.

12. Giving me half of your pillow when we spoon.

13. Saving tea bags and food scraps for the composter even though you think it’s gross.

14. Texting me during the day while we are apart to tell me you love me and miss me.

15. Loving my parents and developing a great relationship with them.

16. Spoiling our puppies. 🙂

There are so very many more reasons I’m grateful for you and the love and light you bring into my life, my sweet, beautiful wife. I hope I never forget to take the time to thank you for the gift of simply being you.

You’re my dream come true and my heart’s wish that was granted. I’m so proud and honored to be your wife, from now until the end of time.